Beautiful Website

Good-looking websites are getting easier nowaday. With the advancement of technology, Creating a beautiful website is getting more easy. Photo carousels, tiled image galleries, maps, forms — add them to your site with a click and know they’ll look great.

RWD Mobile Optimized

Beyond the limits of device: PC, Tablet, and Mobile, MicroStore has best experience on different screens.

Beautiful Theme

Hundreds of websites “theme”, Create a mobile‑friendly site with a click, or choose from a selection of responsive themes that look great everywhere.

Setup Theme Style

Easily edit website CSS style, color, font, layout. Just upload and change the photo directly.

Free Photo Bank

Explore stock photography by category, all free for commercial use.


50+ beautiful themes

MicroStore Storefront is an intuitive & flexible, free WordPress theme offering deep integration with WooCommerce.

Customize your online store

Every theme comes with its own intuitive settings so you can easily customize every facet of your storefront.

Mobile friendly

Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet.


Publish and categorize articles, blogs, and moderate comments on your store.

Your own domain name

Use your own domain name, or purchase one through MicroStore.


Making it easy to customize every aspect of your website, you have full access to the HTML and CSS of your online store.